Rooftop Solar Scams Targeting The Elderly

Posted October 1st, 2019
Don’t Let Your Good Intentions Make You Susceptible to Fraud  In general, older adults and seniors fall victim to fraud in the United States more than any other age group. Telemarketers and door-to-door solicitors alike prey on seniors for different... Read More

Be Aware of Solar Scams

Posted September 11th, 2019
Solar power is good for the environment and you will save money on your energy cost but there are many scammers out there ready to take advantage of potential solar customers. You need to do your homework and investigate... Read More

Homeowners Are Going Solar At No Cost

Posted August 27th, 2019
Update: Solar Tax Credit Downgrades At End Of 2019 - Last Chance For 30% Tax Write-Off   Recently, everybody seems to be asking about the no cost solar option changing at the end of 2019. With some many homes cutting... Read More

3 Positive Ways Solar Panels Can Help Your Home's Resale

Posted June 6th, 2019
Solar panels have become more efficient in the business of saving homeowners money on the cost of electricity. They have also adopted a sleeker more attractive appearance. These advancements give buyers the best of both worlds when looking for a... Read More

Four Benefits of Net Metering Every Solar Owner Should Know About

Posted June 6th, 2019
Net metering is an excellent way to squeeze extra value out of your solar system. Whether you're wide-eyed looking at the direct monetary benefits or you're interested in going green and benefitting your immediate community, there are numerous reasons to... Read More

What You Need to Know About Managing a Home Solar System

Posted June 6th, 2019
So, how much do you really need to know about electricity in order to be prepared to properly manage a home solar power system? The answer is actually: not much! Fortunately, setting up a home solar power system and keeping it running... Read More

Homeowners Are Using New Rebates To Go Solar

Posted March 26th, 2019
If your zip code qualifies, you could actually get paid to go solar! Smart homeowners are using a tax incentivized solar program to save up to 70% on their monthly energy costs by going solar. There's absolutely NO COST to... Read More

Homeowners Rush To Claim Solar Rebates

Posted March 23rd, 2019
A government policy aimed at providing affordable solar panels to Americans is set to expire. Take this survey to see if you qualify for tax credits, rebates and incentives to make the switch to solar with as little as zero... Read More

2019 Guide to Solar Panel Efficiency

Posted February 21st, 2019
When the University of Delaware constructed the first solar-powered residential house in 1973, aptly named SOLAR ONE, it was an incredible feat of its day. Solar panel efficiency at the time hovered around 14%; a celebrated improvement from previous decades, where... Read More

Yes, You CAN Go Solar Without a Shingle Roof! Here’s How.

Posted February 16th, 2019
The most common roofing material found on homes throughout the United States is asphalt shingles, but style and efficiency preferences are transforming the way we build and remodel our homes. Tile, slate, metal and even flat roofs are becoming popular... Read More

Three HUGE Financial Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Home

Posted February 16th, 2019
The sun will be around for another few million years so take advantage of its free energy to power your home. You are also helping the environment by lowering dependence on fossil fuels and their emissions. There are three major... Read More

How Does Winter Impact Solar Energy Production?

Posted February 16th, 2019
A persistent misconception we often encounter in promoting the benefits of solar energy is the belief that solar panels only produce reliable energy in dry, southern climates where the sun shines almost every day, all year long. But, believe it... Read More

The Future of Energy: What We'll Use and Where It'll Come From

Posted January 17th, 2019
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the United States consumed 7.28 billion barrels of petroleum products (like gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel) in 2017. This country is, by far, the largest oil consumer in the world, accounting for 20... Read More

When a Ripple Becomes a Tsunami: Grid Parity and Beyond

Posted January 2nd, 2019
The new wave in Solar energy started as a slow but steady rising tide, and is now irrefutably a top energy source for both consumers and businesses. Improvements in the venerable technology have brought it to grid parity -- meaning... Read More

Solar Batteries 101: Are They a Smart Buy?

Posted December 6th, 2018
Solar panels are a great way to minimize your environmental impact while maximizing your energy savings. But, what about solar batteries? Do you need to store some of that extra solar energy, or should you feed it back into the... Read More

The Solar Hype: Discerning Fact from Fiction

Posted November 18th, 2018
Solar panels are no longer a fringe, Eco warrior idea. Solar systems have become mainstream, and the hype around them is growing. You may hear wild claims of millions of pounds of carbon sequestered and thousands of dollars saved each... Read More

What If Your Panels Produce More Electricity Than You Use?

Posted January 1st, 1970
Sometimes, potential solar customers are surprised to learn that their panels may be capable of producing more electricity than they need. This may seem like a neutral fact at best; how great can excess electricity be if it's just that-- excess? No... Read More

Know How a Zero Down Solar Lease Works

Posted January 1st, 1970
Ownership and installation costs always come to mind when you decide to install solar panels to your home. In the last few years, these prices have gone down considerably.  You no longer have to break the bank to get rooftop... Read More